Bus Shelter MK   

Since this small Milton Keynes charity opened the doors of “the bus” in March 2018, they have provided accommodation and support to 65 people, and given advice and signposted other services to more than 200 others. They would put the Swimathon funds towards their Moving On/Staying Safe Fund, which makes sure someone finding accommodation after street homelessness has the basic household items and the on-going support they need.

MK Safety Centre (Hazard Alley)

This charity aims to educate children and adults regarding everyday hazards to personal safety. Every child is given a workbook after their visit, with follow-up activities to reinforce their experiences and the knowledge and skills they have acquired. The workbook is due for updating and the money raised from the Swimathon will help to meet the £10,000 cost of producing 20,000 copies of the new edition in 2021.


This charity has supported the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community in Milton Keynes since the 1980s, long before we all benefitted from the inclusion and equality of today. Funding raised from the Swimathon will support Q:alliance’s youth groups, which help young LGBT people to reach their potential, and support their families and friends, so that we all have an equal stake in a diverse and inclusive city.

Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers

This charity provides an out-of-hours rapid response service to the NHS hospitals in our region, delivering urgent blood, blood products, medical supplies and human donor milk, using a fleet of liveried motorcycles. The volunteer bikers range in age from 25 to 75. A successful Swimathon could cover half the operational costs for a year’s emergency deliveries (about 15 per month) to Milton Keynes University Hospital.


The mission of this MK-based charity is to empower children and young people who are in treatment for cancer.  A team of volunteer artists customise canvas shoes which reflect each child’s hobbies and interests. These “Supershoes” restore a sense of self, boost confidence and encourage mobility, while improving wellbeing. Swimathon funds will be used to meet the high number of referrals at a time when normal donations are down.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance (Mayor’s charity)

This charity is at the front line of saving lives. Their highly-trained team gives the best chance when the worst happens. Within minutes, they bring the expertise, equipment and treatment of the hospital to the scene. It costs on average £3,325 to send their helicopter on each mission, so the money raised by the Swimathon will enable them to provide urgent critical care to the next person who needs them.

Transitions UK

This charity supports disadvantaged young people at risk (aged 15 – 25) to ensure they transition to healthy, happy and fulfilled adult lives. Its ‘Attain Project’ for care leavers in Milton Keynes would benefit hugely from the additional income from the Swimathon, by offering extra activities that provide support towards personal development and growth, such as camping and team-building (if Covid-19 permits), or digital support for emotional well-being.

Willen Hospice

Many things have looked very different for Willen Hospice this summer. But despite the unprecedented pandemic, the team have remained committed to providing the compassionate, high quality end-of-life care for patients and their families for which they are so well known. The Swimathon money will be used to purchase contactless devices that will help Willen reconnect with their community and help future-proof their means of fundraising.